Alterline is an insight and intelligence agency specialising in higher education.  Over the past eight years we have worked on over 60 university campuses in the UK and Ireland to drive positive change. Our ground-breaking ‘University Futures’ and 'Pulse' series are bringing clients together to work on common challenges. Building communities of best practice around insight and intelligence tools, our work offers opportunities for shared learning and collaboration and is leading to practical action and exciting innovations.

Below you will find an overview of our current live projects and services that you can join today.

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COVID-19 rapid intelligence support

We've recently launched a number of services developed in partnership with our university and student union community that offer rapid intelligence during the COVID-19 crisis.

A series of complementary UG and PG intelligence services which will deliver rapid intelligence to protect your income for the next, and future, academic years.

Act on rapid intelligence about students’ perceptions of the potential ‘new normal’ models of delivery which may be put in place during the COVID-19 crisis. What types of changes to models of delivery of courses/services would students’ prefer? What is the ‘minimum’ required for them to return to study next year?

Student recruitment

Fresh qualitative intelligence to help teams approach Postgraduate Researcher (PhD) recruitment in a smarter, more effective way. Inform your PGR recruitment strategy and enhance the effectiveness of your marketing, communications and engagement with prospective postgraduate researchers.

In recent years, ‘clearing’ is playing an increasingly important role in the recruitment strategies of more institutions. Knowing how to better influence decisions at this critical and pressured time will help universities plan for their clearing activity and maximise the return on their investment.

Students at open day

Open and offer days are vital parts of the applicant’s journey when the experience matters and emotional responses are key to forming and reinforcing brand perceptions. Using a mobile-based, autoethnographic approach we can capture in-the-moment feedback on students' and parents' experiences, providing the intelligence you need to design and deliver open days with impact.

UK universities offer scholarships to the value of many millions of pounds to attract both home and international postgraduate students and yet do we really know their impact? What influence does the offer of a scholarship really make?

Widening access and participation

The Office for Students has set ambitious targets to achieve equality of opportunity in higher education.This project will bring together a select group of universities at the forefront of widening participation work in the sector to understand these complex issues, and make progress towards eliminating the gaps.

Mature student recruitment

Enhance your mature student recruitment. Fresh intelligence to help widening access and recruitment teams engage in a more sophisticated way with this unique audience.


Library Life Pulse helps university libraries to understand the changing needs, behaviours and library experiences of their users. Our community of members use the intelligence and insight from the Pulse to drive positive changes in their services, and increase their impact on students’ lives.

Student wellbeing is an increasingly important issue for universities and as a central part of all students’ journeys, libraries play an important role in this aspect of students’ lives. New evidence about students’ experiences and their expectations of university libraries in relation to wellbeing will help support libraries to develop their own evidence-based, strategic response to this important issue.

Estates, accommodation and commercial services

Student Life Pulse: Accommodation

Prioritise action and investment in your student accommodation, facilities and ‘res life’ services by understanding the key drivers of your students' satisfaction and knowing where improvements are needed.

Open to university and private student accommodation providers, this project and will offer fresh insight into future students’ expectations, preferences and hopes for their student accommodation.

In recent years, ‘clearing’ is playing an increasingly important role in the recruitment strategies of more institutions. Knowing how to better influence decisions at this critical and pressured time will help universities plan for their clearing activity and maximise the return on their investment.

Alumni engagement

Alterline's Alumni Life Pulse survey provides the intelligence and insight alumni teams need to drive alumni engagement.

Students' unions

Students’ unions have a critical role to play in enhancing the student experience and representing their members.  Student Life Pulse captures monthly insight into the changing lives, needs, behaviours and experiences of your students. Our community of unions use the intelligence generated to drive strategic development, improve their services, inform representation and campaigns, and ultimately, increase their impact on students’ lives.

In 2017-18, Alterline’s ‘Being well, doing well’ project brought together 14 students’ unions  to develop robust and insightful evidence about student mental health and wellbeing. In 2019-20, we plan to continue to build on the evidence gathered to date. We are inviting unions who did not take part last time to run the Being well, doing well survey on their campus and capture fresh local evidence. Unions who took part last time will be able to track and monitor change on their campus.