Understanding students’ use of Artificial Intelligence

What skills support do students need to help them use Artificial Intelligence ethically and responsibly in their studies and beyond?

The way in which students learn is changing rapidly with the phenomenal growth of Artificial Intelligence and its unprecedented impact on education.

A deeper understanding of the skills, experiences and behaviours of today’s students will enable universities provide support and services to help their students use Artificial Intelligence ethically and responsibly in their academic studies and future careers.

Why join this project?

This unique research collaboration for 2024 will help university library and digital education teams to understand both data and qualitative insights to enable them to:

  • Build an evidence base to understand students’ use of Artificial Intelligence when studying including how they are using it and what they are trying to achieve.
  • Identify opportunities for new training programmes or initiatives that could better support students in their ethical and responsible use of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Understand student views on their University’s approach  to using Artificial Intelligence and levels of trust about seeking support.
  • More effectively target messaging and communications about use of Artificial Intelligence to students

What will the project explore?

The survey and online community guide will be shaped in conjunction with the universities who choose to participate in this research project, based around the following crucial questions:

How does is work and what are the costs?

The strategic national collaborative insight costs £4,250+ VAT  to participate in and includes:

  • Fresh, national evidence will be captured through a survey of 1,000 current undergraduate and postgraduate students, followed by an online academic diaries qualitative methodology which 30 students will complete, exploring use of Artificial Intelligence in more depth.
  • Participating universities will also have the opportunity to add on a bespoke set of questions about their own institution into the online diaries and/or run the survey with their own students.
  • A smart, succinct, highly visual report with practical recommendation which answers the research questions, identifies key trends, includes demographic insights and makes strategic recommendations for supporting students with use of Artificial Intelligence. The report will also be suitable to share with key stakeholders within your institution.
  • We’ll bring together participating institutions in two online events to shape the project and to discuss final findings and ideas for action

The project will commence in February 2024 and complete by June 2024 so get in touch now for to arrange to talk if you’re interested to hear more.

For more information about how to join click here to email Sharon Steele, Marketing and Client Communities Director, at sharon.steele@alterline.co.uk.