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Alterline is an insight and intelligence agency specialising in higher education.  Over the past eight years we have worked on over 60 university campuses in the UK and Ireland to drive positive change. Our ground-breaking ‘University Futures’ series are bringing clients together to work on common challenges. Building communities of best practice around insight and intelligence tools, our work offers opportunities for shared learning and collaboration and is leading to practical action and exciting innovations.

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Latest news

Road to University 2022 – new project launched

What are the university aspirations, decision-making & influencers amongst 14 to 18 year olds? How can you engage and support them effectively? Join our new collaborative project to refresh the evidence to underpin your recruitment, marketing and outreach plans.

Engaging Students for a Sustainable Future – new project launched

What do students expect from their students’ union and university with regards to tackling sustainability and the climate emergency? Join us on our new national collaborative insight project to gain fresh quantitative and qualitative evidence to help drive action and…

Alumni Engagement Summit 2nd March 2022

We’re delighted to invite you to attend a day of free online sessions aimed at university alumni teams who are interested in discussing and sharing insight and good practice to support, and continue to improve, alumni engagement and experience. Register…

Library Life Pulse 2022

A quick reminder to university libraries who’d like to run our user insight service, Library Life Pulse, during spring 2022 to join the programme by the end of January 2022. Speak to us now to find out more!

Mature Student Recruitment – full report and summary now available

In 2020 Alterline conducted a vital qualitative study of the decision making journeys and influencers of mature students and their transitions into university life. The detailed findings are being used by the 6 participating institutions to support strategy work to…

Parents as Influencers during Covid-19: Key findings summary now available

The ‘Parents as Influencers during Covid-19’ insight collaboration brought together 18 universities and Uni Connect partners with the aim of understanding parents’ roles, perceptions, concerns and information needs surrounding their children’s higher education choices following the significant changes brought about…

Key findings: ‘Role of libraries in student wellbeing’ research project

The ‘Role of libraries in student wellbeing’ insight collaboration brought together five university libraries (University of Salford, University of Exeter, University of Aberdeen, University of Dundee, and University of Hertfordshire) and Alterline to provide new evidence about students’ experiences and…

Teachers as Influencers beyond Covid-19

What are teachers saying to students about university during and beyond COVID-19? How can you engage and support them effectively? There’s still time to join this new national collaborative project, running until February 2022 to receive the full research report…

New Project – Equality, diversity and inclusivity in academic libraries

The Office for Students has set ambitious targets to achieve equality of opportunity in higher education putting universities under increasing scrutiny to tackle the persistent awarding gap amongst some student groups. Black students are of particular concern due to being…

How are prospective students’ views on university accommodation changing?

by Ellie Wall. Marketing Intern, Alterline. With the current COVID restrictions resulting in fewer nights out and more nights in, making the right decision about where to live whilst at university is now more important than ever. We know from…