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Alterline is an insight and intelligence agency specialising in higher education.  Over the past eight years we have worked on over 60 university campuses in the UK and Ireland to drive positive change. Our ground-breaking ‘University Futures’ series are bringing clients together to work on common challenges. Building communities of best practice around insight and intelligence tools, our work offers opportunities for shared learning and collaboration and is leading to practical action and exciting innovations.

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Latest news

Understanding students’ use of Artificial Intelligence – new project 2024

What skills support do students need to help them use Artificial Intelligence ethically and responsibly in their studies and beyond? Find out more about our new research project for 2024.

Information & Digital Literacy skills amongst 16–18-year-olds – report now available

What skills support do incoming university students need to help them succeed during their studies and beyond? The complimentary summary and full research report, to purchase, are both now available from our 2023 collaboration.

EDI in academic libraries: report available

A complimentary summary report and the full research report from our unique qualitative project on Black students’ experience in academic libraries are now available.

Student Accommodation Decision-Making 2023: new project

We know that where students are going to live, particularly in their first year, plays an important role in young people’s decisions about which university to attend. The research we conducted in 2019 evidenced how crucial accommodation decision-making was within…

Impact of cost-of-living on prospective students’ application behaviours: new project

The cost-of-living crisis has had a huge impact on students, with more than a quarter of students reporting that they have only £50 a month to live on after rent and bills. This crisis has recently been identified as a…

Alumni Life Pulse 2023

Engaged alumni have the power to feed university recruitment, enrich the student experience, improve graduate employability, fund new innovation and provide real-world links for research and enterprise. Alterline’s Alumni Life Pulse provides insight into your alumni population, delivering the intelligence…

Student Life Pulse Light 2024

Run our Light Student Life Pulse insight programme in the Spring 2024. Get in touch now if you’re looking to understand your students’ experiences, benchmarked against the 15 students’ unions we’re currently working with in our Pulse community

Road to University 2022 – project completing soon

What are the university aspirations, decision-making & influencers amongst 14 to 18 year olds? How can you engage and support them effectively? Join our new collaborative project to refresh the evidence to underpin your recruitment, marketing and outreach plans.

Engaging Students for a Sustainable Future

What do students expect from their students’ union and university with regards to tackling sustainability and the climate emergency? Join us on our new national collaborative insight project to gain fresh quantitative and qualitative evidence to help drive action and…

Alumni Engagement Summit 2nd March 2022

We’re delighted to invite you to attend a day of free online sessions aimed at university alumni teams who are interested in discussing and sharing insight and good practice to support, and continue to improve, alumni engagement and experience. Register…