Alumni Life Pulse

Engaged Alumni have the power to feed university recruitment, enrich the student experience, improve graduate employability, fund new innovation and provide real-world links for research and enterprise. The challenge for alumni teams is to consistently and effectively engage with diverse and ever changing alumni populations. Alterline's Alumni Life Pulse survey provides intelligence and insight to underpin service design, communications planning and strategies for meaningful engagement of your alumni.

Why join Alumni Life Pulse?

Understand: Shape your  alumni services and offer with confidence, based on intelligence about the needs of your alumni

Connect: Develop messaging and content that resonates with your alumni based on deeper insight into who they are and the lives they lead


Engage: Foster long-term engagement by improving the alumni experience in areas where alumni are currently less satisfied

Measure: Measure  and drive your progress over the next three years and demonstrate your impact to internal stakeholders

How does the Pulse work?

At the heart of the Alumni Life Pulse is an online, customisable, questionnaire designed by higher education experts working in partnership with university alumni teams. We provide everything you need to run the survey and we’ve designed the report to provide clearly visualised and actionable insight – ready for your team to work with to improve engagement and alumni experiences.

Alterline’s unique collaborative model brings universities together to work on common challenges and build communities of innovative practice. Joining the Pulse community means you will have access to opportunities to network, share ideas and build links with other institutions at Pulse workshops. Each year, we’ll produce a benchmarking report showing your core results against other community members to facilitate shared learning.

Join or find out more

If you'd like to chat about joining the Pulse, or want to know more please contact Sharon Steele on 0161 503 5760 or