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  • August 22, 2015

Student to graduate

Student Street - Graduation

"I feel so lucky to have graduated today because there are so many people in the world without an education. I wish there was less emphasis on drinking and more on meeting people on a real level. I grew up in social housing it’s been really interesting meeting people from such different backgrounds; it’s a real eye opener."

“The first thing I did when I started university was a field trip to Keswick, and the people I’m graduating with today are the exact same people I sat with on the coach on that trip. We’ve stayed together all the way through. It’s nice to see my friends one last time before they disappear.”

"The day is going really well so far, I got up early and had my hair done and then we drove up here. We’re staying at the Midland so that’s really nice, and I think we’re going to have a wander round before graduating. It’s a bit weird thinking I’m never going to come back here to study but I’m excited to see what happens next. When I did my placement it showed me how much other stuff is out there, which you don’t see when you’re studying because that’s all you’re focused on. I plan to work in children’s wear and I want to own my own company, but first I’m going to Paris to become an au pair and get some experience."

"It’s been a journey! The work aspect in 3rd year was a bit of a struggle but I got through! I got the timings wrong for my ceremony this morning so it was a bit of a rush but it’s been brilliant; everything and more than I expected. It’s a proud moment for both me and my family."

"I’m from Hong Kong and I’ve really enjoyed Manchester, even though the weather is very different! The teachers are great too. My family came over from Hong Kong yesterday just to see me graduate, so we’re going out for dinner tonight and then heading back to Hong Kong tomorrow. I’m hoping to do a PhD there."

"I’m really happy today but also sad because my mum and dad couldn’t make it over from China; my dad is a busy businessman and my mum gets travel sick so she couldn’t fly over."

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