• May 27, 2016

Student Recipes

Student Street is the home of student insight; it’s where you’ll find the things we observe and discover during our time talking to, and living alongside, students. Wanting to know what's going on in students' kitchens we asked three students to cook us their typical meal.


For Allyson keeping a balanced diet is really important. In the video above, we join her as she makes a chicken salad and avoids the temptation offered by her house-mates ordering in takeaway burgers!


Before coming to university Harry knew nothing about cooking. Even though his father is a chef, back home in Hong Kong, Harry found the recipes too complicated to learn! Moving to university has been a challenge and we explore how Harry is learning to cook for himself.


Almut is a passionate vegetarian who loves cooking from scratch. Growing up she learned valuable tricks of the trade from her mother and describes cooking as, 'a way to engage with food with all your senses'. Whilst she prepares a quinoa salad for lunch, we learn more about what it’s like to be a vegetarian student and how important it is to keep meals varied and interesting.

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