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Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union – A new strategic vision

Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union – A new strategic vision

Having worked together before on a number of student experience projects, Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union commissioned Alterline to support their strategic visioning process by helping them to better understand students. A large scale quantitative survey which sought to explore current perceptions and future aspirations was completed by 3529 students. The survey was followed by a series of focus groups which…

New project announcement:

Liverpool Students’ Union – Marketing Strategy

We’ve worked with LiverpoolSU for a number of years now including helping with their last two strategic plans. We’re delighted to announce that our partnership continues to grow and we are currently working with the team to develop a new marketing strategy. It’s great to be back alongside our ‘original’ union once again!

Alterline on campus

The term "student experience" now seems a permanent feature of the vocabulary of education and as much as facts, stats and league tables show us who the leaders are in providing this elusive concept, at Alterline we think there's no greater route to understanding student experience than getting immersed in campus life and capturing what it’s all about. We've spoken…

A brand is the sum of a thousand small gestures

When Hallam Students' Union, asked us to help them assess their Students' Union brand and create and embed a set of brand values that would connect with their members, I had this quote from Disney in mind... We believe that brand is about values and experiences rather than images and logos. To understand the current Students' Union brand values and…
Lincoln Students’ Union

Lincoln Students’ Union

  Wow – we love this plan! James and the team produced this fantastic strategic plan which sets the bar for the students’ union sector. It’s a great example of how customer/student experience can drive change and growth linking – every action has an evidence base and is measurable. It provided the impetus to speak to the university about changing…