The role of parents in accommodation choices – report now available to purchase

How the ‘Role of Parents in Accommodation Choices’ report will help you:

  • Inform your accommodation strategy and enhance the effectiveness of your marketing, communications and engagement with prospective students’ parents.
  • Prioritise investment in wrap-around and ‘residence-life’ services by understanding what parents care about the most
  • Shape how your accommodation is marketed to parents in order to maximise your occupancy and revenue
  • Adopt practical ideas and recommendations to ensure that the type and character of your accommodation will be attractive to parents
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More about the ‘Parents and Accommodation Choices’ project

Parents have always played a crucial influencing role in the university decisions of future students, especially in relation to their accommodation choices, and with the impact of Covid-19 we’ve seen this influencer role become even more prominent. This collaborative insight report provides accommodation and residential life teams with intelligence about the expectations and needs of parents of prospective students. It will help you develop your accommodation offer, wrap-around services and marketing approach to help make parents feel you are the right choice for their child during, and beyond, the pandemic. Report contents include:

  • A quantitative survey of 601 parents of prospective UK undergraduate students, primarily 16-18 year olds intending to attend university in 2022/23
  • A two-day online research community, recruiting 34 parents to share their thoughts experiences and views in more depth
  • A smart, succinct, highly visual 84-page report with practical recommendation to help you engage with parents more effectively.
  • Demographic and widening participation differences are highlighted where appropriate
  • Together with your report purchase you’ll receive a copy of the recording of the online findings and action workshop, which took place  in March 2022 with our project partners.

Project partners

This project was developed in partnership with a number of clients who helped to shape the research design through our collaborative intelligence model. With thanks to:

  • Homes for Students
  • Liverpool John Moores University
  • University of Nottingham
  • Unite Students