Engaging Students for a Sustainable Future

What do students expect from their Students’ Union and University with regards to sustainability and tackling the climate emergency?

Many HE institutions have big plans when it comes to tackling climate change. However, 84% of students recently told us they are worried about climate change and ‘creating a more sustainable environment on campus’ ranked second in a list of issues we asked students to prioritise. This ground breaking new collaboration will provide fresh quantitative and qualitative evidence to help drive action and innovation. Don’t miss this chance to:

Why join this project?

  • Build an evidence base of the expectations and current activities around environmental issues of today’s students
  • Have the option to run the survey with your students to capture local views
  • Inform environmental and green strategies across unions and universities
  • Understand how to better engage with students around sustainability issues

What will the project explore?

Being part of this collaboration means you can help shape the research questions. As a guide, at this stage we expect to explore:

  • What are students most concerned about when it comes to the environment? What are the issues at the top of their priorities?
  • What environmental activities are students currently engaging in personally and collectively? How can the union and university better support these activities?
  • What would students expect to see happening at their university and the union to support sustainability? How satisfied are students with the current commitment and levels of action?
  • How would students like to engage with their students’ union and university to drive action and campaign for a better future for our planet?

How does is work and what are the costs?

The strategic national collaborative insight costs £2,450+ VAT  to participate in and includes:

  • Fresh, national evidence, captured through a survey of 1,100 students followed by a qualitative online community bringing together around 50 students.
  • Participating institutions can also run the survey locally with their own students for an additional £500+ VAT. Institutions who take up the local survey option will receive their local data in the form of a summary visual report comparing their results to the national data.
  • A smart, succinct, highly visual report with practical recommendations to help you take positive action and better engage with students on environmental issues. The report will also be suitable to share with key stakeholders within your institution.
  • We’ll bring together participating institutions in online events to shape the project and to discuss findings and ideas for action at the conclusion

The project will commence 31st May 2022 and complete by August 2022 so get in touch now to arrange to talk if you’re interested to hear more.

For more information about how to join click here to email Sharon Steele, Marketing and Client Communities Director, at sharon.steele@alterline.co.uk.