Student Life Pulse: Intelligence to improve members’ lives and experiences

Students’ Unions have a critical role to play in enhancing the student experience and representing their members. Student Life Pulse captures monthly insight into the changing lives, needs, behaviours and experiences of your students to underpin this work. Our community of unions use the intelligence generated by the Pulse to drive strategic development, improve their services, inform representation and campaigns, and ultimately, increase their impact on students’ lives.

Why join Student Life Pulse?

Prioritise resources and investment
Understand key drivers of member satisfaction. Know what you do well and where you need to act to improve the experience and have impact.
Student-centred design and innovation
Put student needs and behaviour at the heart of decision-making. Develop new and existing services with confidence.
Be more targeted
Identify how needs and satisfaction levels vary by student group. Better target your communications, services and support.
Represent student voice
Use insight into your students’ lives and university experiences to inform representation and student voice campaigns.
Make the case for investment
Demonstrate your impact and value to key stakeholders. Underpin your business cases for investment with independent evidence and evaluate the impact.
Learn from other unions
Benchmark your results, share challenges and ideas and learn from other unions in the community.

How does Student Life Pulse work?

At the heart of the Student Life Pulse is a customisable online survey designed by student experience experts in partnership with students’ unions. Your survey will be tailored to your strategy and particular requirements by drawing on our extensive set of modules. Each month, a sample of students are invited to take part in the survey, building up a regular ‘pulse’ of student insight. The questionnaire covers undergraduate students, postgraduate students and postgraduate research students.

Question modules include:

What reports would I receive?

Quarterly Pulse reports

Each quarter, you’ll receive a Pulse report building up a monthly picture of students’ lives and their experiences of your union. These regular reports will help you monitor changes, drive improvements and understand the student experience across the academic year.

Annual core analytics reports

Annually we’ll produce your Core Analytics report, delving deeper into a full year’s worth of data. We’ve designed the annual core report to provide clearly visualised and actionable insight, ready for your team to work with to improve experiences. Our unique ‘Opportunity score’ analysis identifies your top priority areas for action. Demographic breakdowns help you target your services and communications effectively and open-end visualisation brings students’ views to life.

Which unions are members and what are the community and benchmarking benefits?

Alterline’s unique collaborative model brings unions together to work on common challenges and build communities of innovative practice. Joining the Pulse community means you will have access to opportunities to network, share ideas and build links with other institutions at Pulse workshops. Each year, we’ll produce a benchmarking report showing your core results against other community members to facilitate shared learning.

The following unions are currently part of the Student Life Pulse community.


What are the costs involved?

The Pulse is available in two packages: Core (monthly surveying) and Light (single survey) with additional options you can add to tailor the insight to the needs of your Students’ Union. The packages mean there is an option suitable for any union, irrespective of your size and budget. Please contact us for more information about pricing using the contact details below.

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