Testing student expectations of ‘new normal’ teaching and learning and student experience during COVID-19

“The Covid-19 pandemic presents serious risks and challenges for the sector – some of them existential. At the most practical level, there are considerations around institutional operations, admissions, retention and progression and student support, particularly for those of disadvantaged backgrounds, that require innovative and agile responses.”

Our rapid intelligence project will help you to:

  • Act on rapid intelligence about students’ perceptions of the potential ‘new normal’ models of delivery which may be put in place during the COVID-19 crisis
  • Include student voice in your planning and decision-making
  • Compare your findings to other participating institutions
  • Evaluate how academic experience, wellbeing and perceptions of communications are impacting students’ intentions and take positive action.

Our Pulse survey focuses on crucial intelligence to inform student representation, support and retention strategies:

How does this project work?

  • The COVID-19 ‘new normal’ Pulse survey will be available to go live to your students from Thursday 14th May
  • The survey will be applicable to pre-final year undergraduate students
  • If we have an existing/applicable data sharing agreement with your organisation, we will be able to send the survey on your behalf
  • If we do not have a data sharing agreement in place, we will provide a link for you to invite your students’ to take part
  • We will analyse your data and produce a summary intelligence report (including charts, visuals and demographic analysis) within 7 days of your survey closing.
  • A benchmark report, comparing your findings to other participating institutions will be available by mid June.


Qualitative deep-dives to explore sentiment and test ideas

  • You can add an on-line community of your students that we can run following your survey
  • These communities will bring together groups of around 30 students over two days to take part in discussions, activities, diaries and video tasks
  • This is a fantastic forum for developing a deeper understanding of how your students are feeling and thinking, as well as further exploring and testing ideas such as alternative delivery models for September
  • As with the survey, we will centrally generate core activities for each group to which you can add further bespoke tasks for a small fee.


Find out more and join
For more info and to arrange a chat about the project contact: Sharon Steele, Client Community Manager Email: Sharon.steele@alterline.co.uk