Improve the impact of your open days with in-the-moment insight

What do students and parents really think of your open days? Open and offer days are vital parts of the applicant’s journey when the experience matters and emotional responses are key to forming and reinforcing brand perceptions. Using a mobile-based, autoethnographic approach we can capture in-the-moment feedback on students' and parents' experiences, providing the intelligence you need to design and deliver open days with impact. 

Our intelligence report will help you...

Impact university choices
Understand the impact your open day has and identify how to better influence attendees to choose your institution.

Avoid negative experiences
Don’t lose prospective students through avoidable negative impressions.

Know how to stand out
Know how your open day experience compares to competitors and what you need to do to stand out.

In-the-moment feedback offers significant benefits...

Student open day phone

In-the-moment feedback is a powerful driver of success when designing and delivering experiences. Every moment and every touchpoint at an open day helps to shape students' and parents' views of your institution, and crucially their opinion on whether it 'feels' right for them. The insight delivered by our approach has a number of key benefits that can help you design open days with impact:

Unique: See an unfiltered, applicant-eye-view of the day.

Unexpected: See things you didn’t expect to - participants have the freedom to talk about what’s relevant to them.

Emotional Better capture the emotional influences on the day using comments, video and photos.

Intimate: A more intimate glimpse into students’ and parents’ lives as they reflect and confide.

Impactful: Videos and photos bring the findings to life for greater impact on your stakeholders.

How it works...

Alterline is a specialist Higher Education research consultancy. We’ll handle everything for you including:

  • Design: A bespoke version of our mobile-friendly tool that enables participants to capture their open day experiences
  • Recruitment: Recruiting students and parents and supporting them to capture their experiences when at your university  open or offer days (and those of other open days they're attending)
  • Analysis: In-depth analysis of the rich, qualitative data captured.

At the end of the project, you'll receive an action-oriented report including an executive summary and detailed findings alongside strategic and tactical recommendations.


Find out more about getting involved...
If you are interested in finding about more about how we can help improve the impact of your open days please contact Sharon Steele, Client Communities Manager, at or on 0161 503 5760.