Undergraduate student recruitment insight during Covid-19 – final national research wave webinar 18th May

With so many unknowns about marketing and recruitment during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve continued to work with our university recruitment and insight community to develop complementary services which will deliver rapid intelligence to protect your income for the next, and future, academic years.

This ‘Intelligence to support prospective 2021/22 Undergraduate student recruitment during Covid-19 project’ combines a collaborative element, which enables participating universities to access national prospect insight, with institution-level intelligence which enables you to gather decision-making insight on your own enquirers and applicants.  Level of participation is flexible and you can join us for both or either element.

Why join this project?

  • The Covid-19 pandemic will continue to bring uncertainty for students wishing to start university in 2021/22
  • Attitudes, decision-making criteria and behaviours have all been, and will continue to be, affected by global events
  • Use rapid, independently gathered evidence to inform your undergraduate recruitment strategy as the situation changes
  • Enhance the effectiveness of your marketing, messaging and engagement with intelligence provided quickly and clearly to you when you need it
  • Network with other institutions to share ideas and approaches to undergraduate recruitment and benchmark your own data if participating in local surveying

What will the project explore?

We will seek to answer a common set of crucial questions for you with a particular focus for our final wave on marketing and online learning


How does is work and what are the costs?

The strategic national collaborative insight costs £2,750 + VAT for participation in the final wave of the national collaborative project and includes:

  • A quantitative survey in February 2021 of 400 prospective UK undergraduate students
  • A qualitative online community in March 2021 comprised of 30-50 prospective undergraduate students which will allow us in-depth access to the emotions, underlying attitudes and intentions of the group
  • briefing report offering the insight into feelings and intentions based on the third wave national data, including comparisons with wave one and two findings
  • An insight webinar on the findings taking place on 18th May 2021, led by the research team and opportunity to discuss actions and network with the other participating institutions

The institution-level intelligence, which enables you to gather decision-making insight on your own enquirers and applicants, can be purchased alongside or independently to the collaborative element and offers you the following options:

  • Run the quantitative survey at a time to suit your requirements – cost, including a report benchmarking your results with other participating institutions, is just £450 + VAT per wave 
  • To add bespoke questions into your quantitative survey costs an extra £500 + VAT (10 bespoke questions)
  • To run a 2 day follow up qualitative online community with up to 30 of your enquirers/applicants costs £1,750 +VAT inc. incentives and a summary report
For more information about how to join and a copy of the project outline click here to email Sharon Steele, Marketing and Client Communities Director, at sharon.steele@alterline.co.uk.