The future of student accommodation?

The ‘University Futures – Student Accommodation’ research project is open to university and private student accommodation providers and will offer fresh insight into future students’ expectations, preferences and hopes for their student accommodation.

What will the project explore?

The places that students live have a significant impact on the student experience. Where students will live, particularly in their first year, also plays an important role in young people’s decisions about which university to attend. According to UCAS, a fifth of young people are looking at the available  accommodation before they decide which university to apply to [1]. There is much research about students’ experiences of accommodation whilst at university, but very little about the expectations, hopes and fears of students of tomorrow.

The University Futures Student Accommodation report will provide fresh evidence and insight based on a national survey of 16 to 18 year olds and innovative qualitative research. The report will cover:

  • Young people’s expectations, needs, and priorities when it comes to their student accommodation
  • How decisions are being made about accommodation and the link with university choices
  • Where young people look for information
  • What students think about the cost of accommodation and their own budgets
  • What fears, concerns and worries young people might have about their accommodation
  • What demographic factors influence the way young people think about their student accommodation
  • If you’re interested in the views of EU/International students we are also able to offer an additional option to include a survey of 200 prospective students aged 16-18.

What are the benefits of taking part?

  • Planning – Evidence to inform the type and character of the accommodation you provide.
  • Marketing – Insight to shape the way you market accommodation to students.
  • Networking – Network with other providers to share ideas and learn from the community.
  • Expertise – Research delivered by our team of student experience specialists.
  • Value – Access to robust,  research at a fraction of the cost of a bespoke project.

Summary of the research process and timings

The project will be fully managed by Alterline on behalf of participating partners. The research will combine a survey of 1,000 prospective students aged 16 to 18 with an innovative, qualitative online community. The project will start in March 2019 with the report made available to partners in August 2019.

How much does it cost?

Each partner will contribute £4,450 (excl. VAT) towards the project. The collaboration model means individual clients have access to customised, strategic research studies, whilst sharing the associated costs.

How do I join or find out more?

To join, or for more information, please contact Sharon Steele on 0161 503 5760 or