FE Learner Experience Pulse

In uncertain times solid evidence counts. With Covid-19 continuing to affect many aspects of  further education, traditional models of delivery are being challenged and rapid innovation and transformation is taking place across the sector. As you respond to, and move beyond the crisis, access to robust, independent and rapid insight into your students’ experiences, needs and behaviours has never been more important. 

Why join the FE Learner Experience Pulse?

Data-driven strategies
Establish a data-driven approach to monitoring and improving the learner experience and learner outcomes
Learner feedback during COVID-19 crisis
Establish a data-driven approach to monitoring and improving the learner experience and learner outcomes
Prioritise limited resources
Understand the key drivers of satisfaction and dissatisfaction, respond to the most important issues and prioritise your limited resources



Provide the right support
Know what your students are worried about and struggling with, and offer vital and targeted support
Evaluate the impact of changes
Embed a ‘tracker’ approach to annually measure the impact of interventions
Learn from other providers
Benchmark your results, share challenges and ideas and learn from other providers in the community



How does it work?

  • At the heart of the Learner Experience Pulse is a customisable online survey designed by student experience experts.
  • Each year, we invite your students to take part and provide their feedback, collecting robust and independent evidence.
  • We’ve designed the report to provide clearly visualised and actionable insight - ready for your team to work with to improve experience
  • Different Pulse packages offer increasing levels of data analysis including demographic breakdowns and open-end visualisation
  • These regular annual reports will help you understand the leaner experience, monitor changes and drive improvements.

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