Influencing Clearing Recruitment

The competitive nature of student recruitment has increased dramatically in the past decade and, in recent years, ‘clearing’ is playing an increasingly important role in the recruitment strategies of more institutions. Knowing how to better influence decisions at this critical and pressured time will help universities plan for their clearing activity and maximise the return on their investment. Our latest collaborative project will provide fresh intelligence about clearing choices for marketing and recruitment teams

Why join the collaboration?

Influence clearing choices: Better understand the decision-making processes of students in the clearing process, and how to influence them

Prioritise messages: Identify key decision-making criteria for students during clearing to build messaging on issues that will resonate with applicants

Know what’s working: Identify recall, perceptions and impact of clearing campaigns to better understand what is currently cutting through the noise effectively 

Utilise the right channels:Explore how the communication channels used for clearing are impacting on students’ choices

Collaborating partners will have the opportunity to help shape the research design, but at this stage we expect to explore:

  • How are people who enter clearing making their decisions, what steps do they take? Is this different to their pre-clearing approach?
  • What factors are most important in decision-making at this time? How different is this to pre-clearing choices?
  • What clearing campaigns do students recall? Where did they see them? What impact did these campaigns have?
  • Did people contact, or consider going to, an institution they haven’t thought of before? Why?
  • Did anyone go direct to clearing to apply? What factored in their choice process?

How does the collaboration work?

The project will kick-off with a collaborative workshop, bringing together participating universities from across the UK. Fresh intelligence will be delivered through a strategic report based on new national qualitative research with over fifty students who have achieved a place at university through clearing for 2019/20.

Alterline’s unique collaborative research model brings universities together to work on common challenges and build communities of innovative practice. By taking part you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Help shape the research design
  • Share ideas and build links with other institutions
  • Save time and resource with Alterline’s full-service research support
  • Gain detailed insights from the full strategic research report and easily implement actions from the practical recommendations
  • Easily share high level insights with your key stakeholders from summary documents and presentations.

How much does it cost?

Joining this collaboration means you will have access to the valuable insights and practical recommendations for just £5,950 (excl. VAT). This is a fraction of the cost of commissioning individual research, giving you superb value for money.

The deadline for joining the project is the 31st July 2019. For more information click here to email Sharon Steele, Client Communities Manager, at or call 0161 503 5760.