Library Life Pulse – Annual insight into students’ library experiences
  • April 5, 2018

Library Life Pulse – Annual insight into students’ library experiences

Libraries are a critical focal point for students throughout their university journey. According to research by the Association of University Directors of Estates, students consider the library to be one of the most important factors when deciding which universities to apply to. At university, students want access to a library that fully supports them to be successful with their course, helps them to enjoy a complete and rewarding university experience, and equips them for their future career. Ensuring that your library provides the services, resources and support your students want and need is a complex task. To get it right, you first must ask the question:

“What’s most important to my students?”

Actionable insight to inform your library strategy

By understanding what’s most important to their students, our current Library Life Pulse partners have been able to fundamentally shift how their libraries operate, both in terms of strategic goals and more tactical service delivery, including:

  • Improving ease of access to digital resources and continuous refinement of digital services offered by the Library
  • Increasing staff visibility and improving customer service support
  • Making it easier to find books by refining the library search function on the library website
  • Redesigning help and training to better equip students to use the library
  • Making better use of library spaces including providing more study spaces and improving facilities such as cafés, restrooms and water fountains.

The key to delivering an exceptional student experience in such a complex environment is understanding the student user.

Your Library Life Pulse provides annual insight into your students’ library experiences.  Designed by experts, it can help you:

Increase engagement:

Understand your students and deliver the services that make a real difference

Improve experience

Identify and prioritise the library services you need to improve

Drive change

Use results to shape your strategy and track your progress year-on-year

Measure impact

Quantify your impact and demonstrate results to stakeholders and colleagues

How does the Library Life Pulse work?

From the outset, our higher education specialists will work closely with you to understand your strategy and priorities and use this insight to create your tailored questionnaire that will be distributed to your students through an annual survey. We’ll provide everything you need to promote it successfully and achieve a robust sample, from e-mail text and social media posts to smart hints on targeting specific groups.

What is covered by the questionnaire?

Your questionnaire will generate insight by investigating all the key aspects of your students’ library experiences, as well as your library’s impact on the four wider determinants of student life:

In addition, we offer qualitative insight options that can be added to your Library Life Pulse, including:

What are the outputs of Library Life Pulse?

Each year, you’ll receive:

  • A report providing a clear picture of students’ library lives and experiences, that tracks your progress year-on year
  • A benchmark report comparing key measures with other library partners to enable shared learning
  • An opportunity to explore your results and discuss sector trends in a collaborative environment with Pulse partners at the Annual Seminar

Library Life Pulse Partners:

Library Life Pulse Pricing:

We have different packages that offer increasing levels of data analysis and interpretation of results to suit your needs:

Want to find out more about Library Life Pulse?

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