Our team are passionate about research that drives change and growth. Our collective expertise in health and the student market combines quantitative and qualitative research techniques with strategic planning, branding, communications and design.

Nick Carley

Nick Carley, Managing Director

I've been running my own businesses since my early thirties. Beginning with education and training, I moved on to enterprises in the IT, public relations and market research sectors, before establishing our current research-driven consultancy, Alterline. I love nothing more than talking clients through what makes their business tick, analysing what’s going on, thinking about what will work best for them and their customers, using evidence to influence these discussions, and coming up with a plan – to deliver quick wins and longer-term strategic outcomes.

Outside of work: When I’m not with clients and colleagues, I’m drinking coffee, dreaming of the next business idea, enjoying London’s endlessly changing streets, and putting the world to rights with my wife.

Ben Hickman

Ben Hickman, Research Director

I love a challenge and thrive on helping people to solve their big, strategic problems. I've always worked in research agencies and believe in the power of creative market research. I spend a lot of my time getting to know our clients, their organisations and their aspirations. Working with our team I help senior managers to understand their customers' lives, attitudes and experiences, translating that understanding into ideas, strategies and actions that can make a difference.

Outside of work: I'm kept on my toes by two young children and enjoy sharing in everything the world has to offer them, from ball pools to sailing, or finger paints to mountain climbs.

Beth Carley

Beth Carley, Head of Research Impact

My background is in academic research, with an MSc and a PhD in social research, statistics and social policy from the University of Manchester. My postgraduate research employed a mixed-method approach to examine the outcomes of community empowerment policy in deprived neighbourhoods. My role as a research consultant at Alterline involves distilling the breadth of research intelligence we gather for clients into clear and concrete messages, publications, strategies and actions. This can be a formidable task, but one that is incredibly rewarding – great research speaks truths with profound reach, and can be a vehicle for growth and progress like no other.

Outside of work: I am mostly to be found drinking coffee with a book in my hand – either science fiction or something on politics, philosophy or psychology. I volunteer at Hammersmith and Fulham Mind, do yoga as often as I can, and intermittently enjoy running. My guilty pleasure is EastEnders.

Nina Copping

Nina Copping, Head of Health

My interest in health was first ignited when studying for my first degree, in Human Sciences at the University of Oxford. Since then I have held a number of health roles in the academic and charity sectors, including as a public health researcher at the Universities of Southampton and Birmingham, Executive Director at The Medicinal Cannabis Research Foundation and Operations Director and Strategic Development Director at National Osteoporosis Society. I hold a Masters of Public Health (MPH).

I am motivated by making a positive difference, especially to health and wellbeing and am passionate about the huge difference that can be made by putting people’s needs and experience at the heart of thinking and decision-making. Having worked with Alterline as a client, I was inspired by their expertise and their commitment to turning research into action to drive real and positive change for organisations and the people they are there to serve.

Joining Alterline in April 2016 was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down and I am relishing the opportunity to work alongside clients to help them achieve their aims.

Outside of work: I enjoy the simple pleasures of tea, cake and chat. I have a partner and two children and when we’re not at home we love going on family adventures or planning the next one!

Professor Judith Burnett

Professor Judith Burnett, Associate Consultant, Higher Education

Professor Judith Burnett is a sociologist of generations and social change, and has worked in higher education for 25 years, holding senior positions at PVC level. She has a particular focus on workforce development, student experience, and building academic strength. She has been Chair of the British Sociological Association and Trustee for eight years. She now heads Judith Burnett Consulting.

A previous Alterline client in her role as Pro Vice Chancellor at the University of Greenwich, Judith now works with us as an associate consultant, bringing her specialist expertise to higher education research projects.

Laura Hotchkiss

Laura Hotchkiss, Research Manager

Throughout my time as a researcher I have developed an interest for all things statistical, and enjoy using a variety of methods such as correlational analysis, significance testing and audience segmentation. An example of this would be the work we did with Sheffield Hallam Student’s Union, segmenting their student population. This helped the Union to understand the needs and personalities of different groups of students in order to develop a new strategic plan. My first role in research was based around using consumer insight communities to assist in research. This, together with my background in psychology, completing the advanced certificate in market and social research practice and my experience at Alterline has given me a high capability when managing and executing research projects. As Research Manager at Alterline part of my role includes supporting other members of the research team to progress and develop in their career paths. In this I hope to promote a passion for research amongst the growing team.

Outside of work: I enjoy staying active by taking long walks with my chocolate Labrador and getting my friends to taste my home made chocolates.

Zara Lawson

Zara Lawson, Senior Research Executive

I enjoy nothing more than getting to the bottom of what people think, why they behave as they do and how this translates into memorable customer journeys and experiences. In a project with Benenden, a healthcare mutual, we have used the evidence from their quarterly tracker to understand pinch points in members’ journeys and explore this in a deeper and systematic way through supporting qualitative work. I've honed my abilities by working with the team and recently completing my Research Masters. I love working with everyone at Alterline and getting stuck in with the new and exciting things that come along here.

Outside of work: I enjoy losing myself in a good puzzle, collecting random facts and world cinema.

Jessica Flavell

Jessica Flavell , Senior Research Executive

My curiosity for clinical science led to a first-class degree in Biomedical Science, to several years in the pharmaceutical market research sector, and the ultimate realisation that my passion lies not in molecular functions, but discovering how health fundamentally impacts people’s lives. At Alterline, I’m looking forward to delving beyond surface-level insights to answer challenging questions; and knowing that our research has a tangible benefit in the real world.

Outside of work: I organise live music events and volunteer for a global development charity. The rest of the time, you’ll find me reading, hiking, or relaxing with my two cats.

Danielle Lancaster

Danielle Lancaster, Junior Research Executive

My Masters degree in Sociology and Global Change has allowed me to appreciate the complexity and diversity of situations, as well as having knowledge of different societal issues and the relationships between people and different social institutions. This has helped me to analyse and evaluate complex information, make informed judgements, and detect underlying causes in both qualitative and quantitative research work at Alterline.

Outside of work: I enjoy baking, going to gigs, going on walks with my puppy, and spending time with my family and friends.

Susanna Jenkins

Susanna Jenkins , Junior Research Executive

I first became interested in studying human behaviour during my degree in psychology and my interest in research was cemented when I completed my Masters in health psychology. I moved to market research because it allows me to use my interests to make measurable improvements to the lives of both patients and students, and give a voice to those who often go unheard. I am excited by the prospect of applying my quantitative and qualitative skills to a wide range of projects with Alterline.

Outside of work: I spend my time enjoying the music and food scene in Manchester or trying to keep up with my kitten at home!