About Us

Alterline are creative, smart problem solvers. We drive growth for our clients by better understanding their customers’ experiences and translating that into strategy and action. We work across a number of sectors and have particular expertise in higher education, the student market, health and the NHS.

Our starting point is your senior leadership team listening to what you want to change and mapping out what success looks like. We use evidence to define the problem bringing together a team of analysts, creatives, industry experts and marketing professionals to develop and implement a solution.

We understand your sector and your customer is our focus…what are they thinking, saying, doing? What do they believe in? What are they worried about? What are they dreaming about? How does this fit with your vision, your values, your strategic objectives, your short-term needs? We map the “fit”, identify the gaps, see the opportunities and take action.

Alterline, take a different route.