About Us

Alterline are a creative market research agency, specialising in higher education. We help our clients understand more about the lives of students so that they can solve problems, develop and grow.

We have worked on campuses across the UK, conducting quantitative research as well as engaging individuals through our qualitative work from ethnographic studies through to diaries, focus groups and in-depth

We understand your sector and your students are our focus… what are they thinking, saying, doing? What do they believe in? What are they worried about? What are they dreaming about? How does this fit with your vision, your values, your strategic objectives, your short-term needs? We map the “fit”, identify the gaps, see the opportunities and take action.

Alterline, take a different route.

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We like coffee (a lot!) so contact us for a chat about research collaborations, job opportunities or commissioning your own bespoke project.

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