Being Well, Doing Well 21/22: Student mental health and wellbeing during the Covid-19 pandemic

In 2017-18, Alterline’s first ‘Being Well, Doing Well’ project brought together 14 students’ unions  to develop robust and insightful evidence about student mental health and wellbeing. The mixed-method study, became one of the largest of its kind with just under 13,000 students completing our survey. In 2019-20, we continued to build on the evidence gathered to date and worked with a further 6 student’s union/university teams. 6,165 of their students completed the survey between 14th November 2019 and 10th June 2020 – the majority taking place in advance of the March Covid-19 lockdown.

At this time of unprecedented pressure on students’ mental health and wellbeing we continue to offer the opportunity to gather this insight so union and university teams can best understand the current pressures and priority support needs of their students this academic year. This insight will help institutions develop timely solutions, services and communications whilst demonstrating their commitment to listening to their students.   

Why join Being Well, Doing Well?

Join us to:

  • Develop an evidence base to underpin your strategic response to student wellbeing during and beyond the Covid 19 pandemic
  • Understand how your local results compare to our pre and post Covid 19 student wellbeing insight
  • Further improve the support services available to your students during these challenging times
  • Develop new initiatives to proactively improve student wellbeing
  • Use independent evidence to engage stakeholders in meaningful dialogue about student wellbeing

Download the free summary report from Being well, doing well 17/18

Collaborating partners will have the opportunity to scope the prevalence and range of mental health issues amongst the student population, as well as explore the impact of mental health issues on students’ lives, both personal and academic. The study will also help universities and students’ unions to understand what support students are currently receiving and what’s missing, and identify students’ expectations in relation to their wellbeing

How does Being Well, Doing Well work?

Alterline’s unique collaborative research model brings university and student union teams together to work on common challenges and build communities of innovative practice. We will:

  • Manage your survey invitations for you, or set you up with everything you need to run the Being well, Doing well survey at your institution
  • Produce a local report which visualises your results
  • Benchmark your findings against the combined results from previous years
  • Benchmark your findings against the aggregate 2021-22 results
  • Benchmark against your historic results if you have taken part before
  • Provide demographic breakdowns of your findings
  • Run a concluding collaborative partner workshop to discuss the results and share action ideas with you

How much does it cost?

Joining this collaboration means you will have access to the valuable insights and local evidence:

  • Joining us for the first time? The cost is £2,950 (+VAT)
  • Repeating and updating the insight? The cost is £2,350 (+VAT)
For more information and a copy of the project outline click here to email Sharon Steele, Marketing and Client Communities Director, at