Student Recipes

Student Street is the home of student insight; it’s where you’ll find the things we observe and discover during our time talking to, and living alongside, students. Wanting to know what's going on in students' kitchens we asked three students to cook us their typical meal. Allyson For Allyson keeping a balanced diet is really important. In the video above,…

New project announcement:

campusM – Student Digital Journeys

We are thrilled to announce that we have been commissioned by campusM to conduct an exciting study into the digital lives of students.

Working with partner universities across the globe, the project will investigate students’ digital habits, help map their daily digital journeys, understand what frustrates them and identify where the experience can be improved.

The insight gathered will help participating universities improve digital services on campus, directly feed into campusM’s development, and ultimately improve the student experience.

“We are looking forward to working with Alterline on this exciting project. Digital technology has become an area of increasing interest on campus, but it is only by asking the students who use it about their experiences that we can help institutions make sure they are delivering what their students want, in the way that they want it. At campusM we pride ourselves in enabling universities to enhance the student experience, and this work with Alterline will help us to continue to do this, supported by a real understanding of what students want and expect.”

– Matt Sherlock, Product Director at campusM

Redefining alumni relations at London South Bank University

Redefining alumni relations at London South Bank University

  "We use the report produced by Alterline as the foundation for all our work." Olivia Rainford, Head of Alumni Relations   With a renewed focus on the University’s mission of improving the social mobility of its students and to help re-position Alumni Relations as an important contributor to the University, Alterline were commissioned to run an extensive research project with…
Do brands’ ethics matter to students?

Do brands’ ethics matter to students?

S'tudents are often portrayed as being the ethical pioneers. To see if this rings true, our videographer took to the streets to ask some students what branded products they were carrying and whether they considered the ethics of a brand before making a purchase. What did we find out? There is a lack of knowledge about which brands are ethical.…
YUSU Strategic Planning

YUSU Strategic Planning

  Over the last few years, Alterline has worked with students’ unions across the country to help them better understand student experiences and drive change. The University of York Students’ Union (YUSU) has been through a period of rapid, exciting growth over the past three years. Student numbers at the institution have grown significantly, with the Union’s staff team, physical building and relationship…

Shaping the future of the University of Birmingham Library

The University of Birmingham is building a new library which is due to open in Autumn 2016. To inform future developments, Library Services commissioned Alterline to help them better understand their user’s needs, perceptions, experiences and journeys.   A large-scale quantitative survey was completed by 2,360 students, and a series of focus groups were conducted to explore key themes and…
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Student to graduate

"I feel so lucky to have graduated today because there are so many people in the world without an education. I wish there was less emphasis on drinking and more on meeting people on a real level. I grew up in social housing it’s been really interesting meeting people from such different backgrounds; it’s a real eye opener." “The first…
Bristol SU – The power of a brand to connect with students

Bristol SU – The power of a brand to connect with students

Bristol SU has undergone a significant transformation in the last 4 years from a failing organisation in significant debt into a successfully functioning business with an annual turnover of £3-4 million, representing a body of approximately 20,000 students. In 2015, the Union commissioned Alterline to develop a new brand for them which would help them connect more effectively with their…

Growing up with Cystic Fibrosis: My student experience

Being a student is a life changing experience for everyone; but Jodie's university years have been particularly unique. In our short film 'Growing up with cystic fibrosis', we explore Jodie’s student experience following her life-changing lung transplant at the age of 18. For information on joining the Organ Donor register please click here. Jodie spent a day with Noz and Meg from our team earlier…
Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union – A new strategic vision

Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union – A new strategic vision

Having worked together before on a number of student experience projects, Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union commissioned Alterline to support their strategic visioning process by helping them to better understand students. A large scale quantitative survey which sought to explore current perceptions and future aspirations was completed by 3529 students. The survey was followed by a series of focus groups which…