Student Street – ‘The home of student insight’.
  • February 6, 2015

Student Street – ‘The home of student insight’.

Our UK MapWhat is Student Street?

From ironing habits to university fees, taking a stroll down Student Street will get you closer to the lives, homes, experiences, behaviours, hopes and struggles of UK students. The home of student insight; it's where you'll find the things we observe and discover during our time talking to, and living alongside, students.

The UK student market

There are more than 2 million students registered to study at one of the UK's 162 higher education institutions. As a group they spend approximately £50.3 billion each year.

The challenge is that the old stereotype of baked-bean eating, party-people no longer holds true. The student market is diverse, and the typical student of today is a career-focused, savvy consumer with very high expectations.

Take a stroll down Student Street below and find out more! 

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