Living with, and beyond, primary bone cancer

Living with, and beyond, primary bone cancer

Primary bone cancer is a rare, yet brutal disease which can have a long-lasting impact on both patients and their families.  Alterline were commissioned by the Bone Cancer Research Trust to conduct a comprehensive study into the experiences of those who have, or have had, bone cancer and their families and friends.  The resulting report Living with, and beyond, primary bone cancer, can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Living with, and beyond, primary bone cancerOur Living with, and beyond, primary bone cancer study highlighted the difficult journey experienced by many when seeking a diagnosis and the aggressive side effects and social impact of the condition and the accompanying treatments. These effects were not limited to the period of having the condition itself; indeed, long-term effects such as mobility issues and fear and anxiety were reported by many in the study. With survival rates at just over half of those diagnosed, bereaved family members also spoke at length about needing to learn to live again after their experience.

Living with, and beyond, primary bone cancer outcomes:

As part of the research we produced a series of short films which focus on different aspects of living with, or beyond, primary bone cancer.

The Alterline team presented this research report at the  report launch at the Charity’s 10th Anniversary conference, enabling the stories of those affected to be heard by the primary bone cancer community.

The Alterline research and report has been used to develop a strategy and brand for Bone Cancer Research Trust.