Patient experience
  • February 20, 2013

Patient experience

In the wake of the failings at Mid-Staffs, the resulting Francis enquiry report, and at a time when the NHS is trying to reduce costs by

£20bn whilst simultaneously improving the quality of care, understanding the patient experience has never been more important.

Alterline has supported a number of NHS Trusts to deliver better patient experiences.  To capture the kind of evidence needed to bring about change, we recommend maximising the channels used to bring information into the organisation and putting systems in place to identify key issues and trends.

These trends are investigated using qualitative methods such as in-depth interviews, mystery shopping or focus groups to understand problems in more detail.

Where we can we use patient’s stories (ideally filmed) to bring the findings to life and inspire change. You can read more about the power of videos here.


Image credits: Ted Eytan