On the road with Nissan
  • April 30, 2013

On the road with Nissan

Van drivers have been given some unfair press in the past, which is why we wanted to build up a real picture of what they do, how they think and the features they value on their vans
Jon Pollock, Nissan's corporate sales director.


NissanVan-SpreadWhen one of our partner communications agencies approached us and asked us what we thought we could find out about the UK van market and more specifically the views of drivers and fleet managers, our first thoughts turned to the picture of the stereotypical white van driver, driving badly, on the phone, forcing others off the road. We knew this wasn’t the truth but we also knew this was the starting point for many and would be an interesting hypothesis to test. We devised two quantitative questionnaires, one looking at the customer experience from the view of the van driver, the other from the perspective of the fleet manager and we interviewed 250 from each. We wrote a full report and produced 2 great infographics which can tell the story much better than another 300 words.

The research gave a rare glimpse of the world of vans and was well received by clients and media alike such as Van Fleet WorldTransport EngineerFleet NewsNissan Insider

No Bull Drivers - Van

No Bull Drivers - Fleet

Nissan – Van driver   Nissan – Fleet Manager