How can your staff drive your library strategy and enrich student experiences?
  • March 14, 2019

How can your staff drive your library strategy and enrich student experiences?

Providing an enriching student experience that produces positive outcomes for students is a priority for universities.  With libraries representing one of the main focal points of students’ lives, library staff can be incredibly influential in shaping the student experience through the services on offer, the support and advice they provide and their one-to-one interactions with students.  It is crucial that libraries effectively engage their staff, continually pursue a student-centric culture, and align individuals and teams with strategic priorities.

Culture and Engagement Pulse

Building on our work with university libraries we are launching a staff ‘Culture and Engagement Pulse’ to help deliver positive student experiences by strengthening the engagement and alignment of your team. Unlike traditional staff surveys that are more focused on an individual employee’s jobs and careers, the Culture and Engagement Pulse is designed with libraries in mind and will support you to:

  • Strengthen your library’s strategy through a better understanding of your staffs’ current levels of alignment with your mission, values and culture and of where the gaps are in this alignment and want can be done to close these gaps
  • Identify how you can improve student experience from the perspective of and with the constructive input of your staff
  • Refine staff engagement through targeting and understanding your different teams
  • Demonstrate to staff how important their involvement is in delivering excellent student experience by listening to them and enabling them to influence the strategy through co-creation.

What the research will cover

The Culture and Engagement Pulse is an annual survey, at the heart of which is a customisable, quantitative, modular questionnaire to generate insight on the evidence of engagement.  The modules within the questionnaire will cover:

In addition, there is also the option to include qualitative online focus groups with team members to provide a more in-depth investigation and understanding of themes that have emerged through the survey.

How will it work?

We will:

  • Start the process with a workshop with all our collaborating partners to share views and shape the research
  • Design the questionnaire and circulate it for your comment and approval
  • Conduct the survey with your staff
  • Facilitate online focus groups with members of your team (optional extra)
  • Undertake detailed analysis of the quantitative and qualitative data
  • Run a concluding collaborative workshop to discuss the results and share action plans.

As a member of the Culture and Engagement Pulse you will receive:

  • A full research report to be used by your team that contains the literature review, methodology, findings and our independent practical recommendations
  • An executive summary, to help you distribute the findings to key stakeholders across your university

Benefits of a community approach

Our community approach is designed to support you by creating a community of best practice and shared learning through:

  • Community benchmarks – Access to benchmarking data from other institutions
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities with peers: Providing the opportunity to learn, share and innovate with others in the sector

Join or find out more

If you’d like to chat about joining the Culture and Engagement Pulse, or want to know more please contact Paul Williams on 0161 503 5760 or